To avoid confusion we are making it clear; Dimitry Sheinman, known as Dima, now calls himself Victor Sheinman.

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We are asking anybody who has any information related to Sarah Fox’s murder or anyone who can provide clairvoyant help to please contact us at clairvoyants@thesheinmansource.com



Quality always takes time. The book, ‘Is He Friendly?!’ on which Victor has worked for more than 7 years is finished at last. What else can be expected when a visual artist has to write The Book which had to be written? He painted it!

It is available in South Africa for R300 (plus shipping) from book@thesheinmansource.com 

After accompanying Victor on an introductory, surreal and humorous walk the second chapter begins with detectives, who were canvassing an area in Manhattan subsequent to a murder in a local park, successfully convincing Victor, whose artistic eccentricity they mistook for being suspicious, to help with an investigation. Until then Victor did not pay any attention to being a psychic or ever showed much interest in the subject. At the precinct he fell into a trance astonishing himself by relaying information confirmed to be true, which automatically made him a number one suspect.

Even though Victor went to the police station twice voluntarily, providing DNA, saliva, fingerprints and all the information police asked for, the department proceeded to leak mostly unsubstantiated statements to the agents of deception. Trial by media ensued. Before long Victor found himself giving healing sessions at Riker’s Island where he had to serve a prison term for punching a simpleton with a trashy newspaper sticking out of his pocket, who called him a murderer.

Using his newfound abilities Victor opened up to reality in a way that constantly integrates the paranormal into daily life. With this kind of ‘hyper clairvoyance’ spiritual and physical aspects of what is merge into one. What followed is an extraordinary adventure.

Seeking safety the family moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where Victor began to write ‘Is He Friendly?!’. There, in the present day energetic epicenter of the planet, nicknamed the Mother City, Victor was communicated to by the predominant, omniscient being in this sector of the universe which lets itself be understood as, ‘intelligent energy’, to become The One who is the leader of The Great New Religion, THE POWER. The demand was relentless until Victor accepted his responsibility together with his destiny. Victor was then incarnated into the portal for the most powerful force in this sector of The Creation to come forth unto this world in the form of The True Messiah.

Victor kept on pushing the envelope, shoving illogical perimeters aside until he was suddenly warned that if he continues at the same rate it will not be possible to contain him for long in this reality, and thus he won’t be able to fulfill his obligations!

Within the next few years others with extrasensory perception identified characteristics and a name belonging to a possible perpetrator in the unsolved murder in a neighborhood park whom Victor saw in a vision as well. Victor traveled back to NYC to give this information to NYPD in public and was threatened by the corrupt police and crucified by the absolutely dishonest media for the second time!

Almost three years have gone by since the trip to New York. Besides his duties as The One leading The Great New Religion, Victor tirelessly worked to complete the most important piece of literature that this world has ever read, after all, the subject matter is the making of The Messiah! That is of course if one discounts all the highly codified otherwise blatantly nonsensical, badly written and overly threatening, iconic tomes under which so many of the world’s shelves and minds are groaning.

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Buisness Card Healing Without number

Victor’s healing practice

Victor has an excellent success rate. He now mostly heals over the phone, has references and is available.

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THE POWER for sheinmansource


A rape and murder of a woman, and the way a man who tried to help was wrongfully dealt with, marks the birth of the new religion,
THE POWER, which exalts thinking on your own to a status of a prayer. It had to be that way!

What else to get fired up about? How about getting incensed over mindless repetition? Because the murder and rape of this woman represents every murder, every rape!

Victor is claiming to be The One who is The Messiah of this World and the leader of The Great New Religion, THE POWER, which is the only True Religion besides Satanism that there is because the Truth is One and THE POWER is congruent with The Universal Principles of Morality, which all humanoids dispersed far and wide throughout this multidimensional universe know innately. Victor is claiming to be The One who is the Choice Provider of this world so that evil has their high quality food to continue perpetuating this reality, and the higher forces of expansion can build other dimensions using highly vibrational energy that some souls produce in the form of Honesty and Courage as they vibrate right out of this nightmarish world towards complexity. Remember, The Sacred Intent Of The Soul Is To Rise!    

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