The Truth pertaining to the trip taken to NYC in 2012 where in front of the media Victor presented police with information obtained using extrasensory perception with help from other clairvoyants pointing at a possible murderer of Sarah Fox


 The Truth is that not one man in the entire history of the great metropolis after being stepped on by behemoth institutions called NYPD and the news media came back in 6 years of his own accord with valuable information, which has a very high probability of being correct, acquired clairvoyantly pointing at a single individual as to being a possible perpetrator in an unresolved murder case.
No matter how strange and eerie the subject matter of paranormal perception or police incompetence is to an average person they have to acknowledge that Victor and Jane have the guts to stand up for what is right, facing threatening police and unfair media which for years shamelessly presented Victor in the worst light possible.
To the obnoxious shouts and hissing, ‘Did you kill Sarah Fox?’, he once again replied, ‘No!’

victor and media outside precinct













Victor was shown his designated spot in front of the professional deceivers of the public bunched behind a police barricade which was set up next to the 34th Precinct ahead of his announced appearance. It was important for Victor to symbolically hand them the letter at the police station in which years ago he spent so much time enduring police lawlessness and ineptitude. Before the entire local media and many other news outlets Victor held up a sealed envelope of which everyone was notified prior to the event, containing contact details of clairvoyants who besides him on separate occasions without knowing what each other said or in most cases of one another mentioned the name and attributes belonging to a man whom the victim knew as well. One of them described the possible murderer in great detail, others saw the man’s features.
When Victor took a better look at reporters and cameramen their physiognomies instantly transformed to reveal their true monstrous nature. Just like characters in a Roman Polanski film, The Tenant, their eyes began to flash and pop out with excitement, tongues unrolled into scary, red carpets, lips started to smack pre-tasting their victim. Knowing the answer he still asked loud and clear whether they are going to crucify him for the second time and the satanic news media proceeded in doing exactly just that, with the professional know how only possible in such a magnificent, unprovincial place like New York City. You got to give it to them, at first glance it seems impossible to assassinate a character of someone who is back after years, sticking his neck out to do the right thing, but these accomplished liars are really good at what they do! Of course one has to take into account that their target audience, meaning whoever still believes or wants to believe mainstream media, are a bunch of gullible idiots. Besides lacking self preservation instincts and being pathetic most of them are not good people as well, since often times believing a cold newscaster comes at a price of turning away from honest, well meaning people who are one’s own family!



















Victor asked police not to make public the identity of the man mentioned in the letter. After all, even five clairvoyants can be wrong or only partially correct. Why cause someone unnecessary pain? One has to be absolutely proven correct before throwing around accusations. That same day the man’s name was disclosed to the media. NYPD excused the entire episode of Victor and others latching on to the man clairvoyantly as just a fabrication, asserting that supposedly Victor found out of his existence from some article where Victor’s suspect was referred to as somebody who was checked by the police because he broke down crying at Sarah Fox’s funeral. But, the police said that they had cleared him. Of course no one was more checked and rechecked than Victor, and here he is still after so many years a number one suspect! In actuality no previous press about the man was ever found!

Continuing their twisted scare tactics and figuring that it would not look good to receive the letter in front of all the cameras Victor and Jane were authoritatively invited by a detective to follow another sneering detective to the same interrogation room inside the dreary precinct where Victor already had the pleasure of passing many grueling hours voluntarily implicating himself in a gruesome crime he could have never committed by simply trying to help the cops.  There everybody formally sat down, and Victor handed the envelope to yet another seasoned veteran of law enforcement who asked if he had anything to add to it. Victor said no. Everyone got up, and the couple left the police station to once again face reporters and cameramen outside.



 The trip to the States was financed by an unsuspecting granny who was under the impression that the family was only planning to have a quick stop over in NY and then come to San Francisco to be spoiled by endless sushi and shopping for things to wear under her guiding matriarchal eye. The poor woman who prided herself for being clever could have kicked herself in the head for not anticipating the possibility that her son was still nurturing some idiotic ideas of finding the murderer, clearing his name or GOD (We always accentuate what is important to us. Everyone Who Belongs to THE POWER has to write words of intense spiritual significance which are not representing evil, like Truth and Honesty, important addresses like The Creation and The Human Matrix, and terms which symbolize the dignity of The Great New Religion like The Universal Principles of Morality and The One beginning with capital letters. Holy terms such as THE CREATOR and THE POWER have to be printed in uppercase and in bold type.) forbid promoting a book he worked so hard to write which is dedicated to a silly, little thing called The Truth! How irresponsible! She almost caught a heart attack seeing Victor on television demonstratively wave the infamous envelope. When the unfortunate woman realized that the main point of the visit was not only about two little girls having a sunny memory of their legendary grandma taking them to Nieman Marcus but also had to do with finding a murderer and a rapist who already caused so much havoc in her personal life she became incensed feeling tricked. If she only knew, she would not have paid a cent for such a trip! After that her relationship with Victor considerably soured.

The rest of Victor’s relations in California were disgusted with what the couple did in New York as well. His uncle for instance found it unnecessary to see his sister’s grandchildren for the first time and his mother was so upset at the two that she did not even take it personally. When Victor expressed his outrage at everyone’s callousness by maintaining that he thinks it should have been obvious, particularly to one’s family, that giving information about a possible murderer, especially in his and Jane’s position, was Honest and Courageous and that they deserve if not a pat on the back to at least not be snubbed, no one somehow understood why he is choosing such contentious subject matter to talk about.
Victor was also told by all his relatives that unless one is absolutely compliant to the authorities they are just acting like irresponsible fools. Clairvoyance! Isn’t everyone supposed to simply be unfeeling?

And what if, defying the powers that be also involves lawyers? Why shouldn’t Jane and Victor, children or not, be cold shouldered by proper people whose accumulated millions are ‘safe’ in the trustworthy institutions represented by numbers on pieces of paper and computer screens, soon to be stamped on their foreheads?



It is not just a family peeve. The atrocious situation described above is reflective of what not only millions of families but work associates and friends are going through. On top of it, this unhealthy social environment is not exclusively reflective of the United States but is spread all over the world, and is the result of the severe course of repression the dark forces responsible for this planet are themselves forced to take. The formula is simple; create fascistic middle classes by taking away their rights while allowing enough consumer products to go around preserving the charade of normality so folk are in line with a ‘new’ program which includes their own complete degeneration, enslavement etc.  The principal attribute of evil is that before devouring its food it needs to make people or whoever else deserving of their fate, meaning the general public, be they on Mars or anywhere else in this multidimensional universe, vibrate at a very low energetic frequency matching the energy signature of their evil predators in order to be consumed.

This is the only part of the events relayed here which is generic. The phenomenon of monumental proportions briefly mentioned here is simply a sign of the times. Apparently everyone is beginning to deal with the stark choice of having to accept evil or fight against it. The ones who have already made their choice to be on the side of The Truth, in essence their soul, at this point in time bring the wrath upon themselves from almost everyone around. How dare anyone inconvenience the self-engrossed with their spiritual life? How can serious, responsible people bother about such details as their souls when one needs to be introverted and dishonest on a daily basis just to get by?



Back in Cape Town several mothers whose children were friends with Anna and Katie did everything to end all association with the Sheinmans, as if kids are to blame for their family’s anti-authoritarian leanings. Jane went as far as emailing some moms information about the family’s story unsurprisingly receiving no reply from any of them. A number of parents began to walk by Jane in a blatant show of disapproval, not even allowing a look of condescension in her direction, assuming that if people stand for their rights against organizations like NYPD they are somehow not to associate with if you are a real, hot blooded South African! At least we can safely assume that the neighbors who take glances at Victor and his wife like they did something terribly wrong have never seen the movie Serpico in which Al Pacino did one of his iconic performances, or perhaps they do not know how to use the internet and see all the atrocious things NYPD does everyday to thousands of law abiding New Yorkers.

As always there are exceptions. A few out of hundreds just have it in them to help and nurture everything worthwhile supporting, but mostly folk just stay away confused at seeing Jane unphased by anything including all sorts of derogatory remarks behind her back, usually of how she is living with such a strange character as her husband. Basically regular people keep their distance thinking that life outside of being a well to do pedestrian is weird and scary, probably more of a normal thing for some of those New Yorkers to be involved with such loaded and contentious issues as murders, corrupt police departments, deceptive mass media, extrasensory perception and …….what? Did you not read that part?
Victor is claiming to be The Messiah of This World called The One, heading The Great New Religion, THE POWER!