The Truth pertaining to the 2006 investigation into the murder of Sarah Fox and the harassment of Victor Sheinman and his family by NYPD




These are the main points pertaining to the complete mishandling by the NYPD of Victor Sheinman, who was very naive about the ways of the world but always an Honest citizen who at first was simply going along with being implicated in a crime he obviously did not commit, having been led into believing that he was helpful in the investigation of the tragic and brutal murder of Sarah Fox. The Sheinman family wants you to take an  objective look at all the facts at hand and then make logical deductions.

No matter how the media tries to muddle the waters, the facts are: Victor, an artist, did not have any weird incidents with or abnormal behavior towards women or men, neither did he have a criminal record. Besides fingerprints he volunteered to have samples of his blood, saliva and DNA to be taken, and more than willingly provided police with any information that they have asked for regarding his previous life. Victor did not have anything to hide and never will! He also went twice to a precinct to help on his own accord, having nothing to gain but to do what one morally must!

In the precinct while in a trance he gave two pieces of information, one of which no person could have known without the use of clairvoyance. The police lacking any leads did everything possible to heartlessly implicate an unlikely suspect who could have never possibly done something like this in a billion eternities! But the trial by media ensued and as a result at one point everyone in New York City who believed media unquestionably, be they a doctor or a chimney sweep, began to vigorously hate Victor!          

In our beloved city in the court of law Victor was not judged for punching a dog owner whose pet he tried to prevent from jumping on his pregnant wife’s stomach as the man came up to him hissing ‘murderer’ because the poor simpleton takes what is written in trashy papers and reported on television as the truth, but for being a suspect in an investigation. Out of more than 28 791 similar first time misdemeanor cases that year of folk punching and kicking each other his was the only one that resulted in a stint at Riker’s Island, as if being a suspect means you are guilty and need to be punished by any means necessary!

Besides collusion with the judiciary, cops have a hand and glove cooperation with the news media. Words are the sharpest weapons there are. Should the police wield so called ‘leaks’ of false information to the media as a tool to exert pressure on suspects? Is it their unquestioned right to engineer an atmosphere of hatred against suspects in their neighborhoods where they live with their families? Clearly such an approach destroys the lives of many good, innocent people!



Isn’t it a waste if Victor is in possession of clairvoyantly derived information which is not being used by the NYPD to catch the murderer? Even though the fact is that police use clairvoyants, how many people have not shared what they know with NYPD only because it was revealed to them through extrasensory perception and they are now fearful, aware of what happened to Victor? In any case Victor’s situation is not the only instance of misconduct by police when it comes to citizens stepping up to the plate using clairvoyance.

But of course to put it in perspective, the arbitrary treatment of the matter by the police is only symptomatic of this culture as a whole being morally corrupt to the core. Like any organization NYPD has good and bad in it. So far our family has been made to suffer the brunt of its bad side. We are not holding responsible the police department for not having a systematic approach to dealing with citizens in possession of information which has been acquired through paranormal activity since it would be comparable to blaming the force for being who they are, a warden over prison space which like gray ooze is spreading everywhere except for the hearts of The Honest and Courageous!


US to SA

The family had moved to Cape town not to escape the law but to have a change of scenery which is much prescribed after a large institution like New York Police Department systematically tries to destroy one’s life. In fact after relocating his family to relative safety Victor had to go back to face the injustice. Even though the court case was endlessly postponed as another form of punishment and at each appearance before the judge Victor showed up on time, he was immediately taken into custody with a demand of a hundred thousand dollar bail as if he flew back from South Africa to hide in Central Park!

In 2006 after serving time for punching a voracious reader of trashy newspapers who called him a murderer, Victor rejoined his family in Cape town.