Family History


Victor’s parents met in Moscow. His father was a fairly good looking, nondescript engineer and his mother, a spoiled ‘Jewish princess’ (a ‘Khazar Princess’ to be precise) who held a pharmaceutical degree. They had absolutely nothing in common except for their shared destiny to have Victor as their son, underlined by the fact that before they were married their last names differed only by a single letter: Sheinman and Sheikman.

Victor was born in Moscow in 1964, one month premature. He was badly burnt on his back in the incubator to which the nurses responded, ‘Don’t worry, one less Jew.’

Victor’s parents named him Dimitry, but everyone always called him Dima.

Until he was twelve Victor grew up on the twelfth floor with a view of the generic expanse of Moscow’s apartment blocks  interspaced with much greenery that Russians cherish. He never went to summer camps because of asthma. But the hot, dusty days were still dedicated to soccer and chasing pigeons. Victor also loved to play with entire armies of metal soldiers kept in a large crocheted bag stored in an ancient wardrobe. Winters were taken up by playing ice hockey, sliding on sleds down snowy hills and roasting potatoes in the white expanse between the building where Victor lived and a block long, Stalin-era monolith that occupies large grounds in his memory as well.

From the time spent being a student some of the brightest recollections retained are of kid’s fighting so hard and having such fun that they formed piles of punching and kicking body parts all along a long, vaulted corridor of an old school. Ironically because of Victor’s proficiency in extracurricular, mischievous behavior he only received a Pioneers’ bright red tie in fourth grade right before his family immigrated to the States, completing his otherwise monochrome grey uniform.

For a couple of summers Victor was taken to Yalta, on the Black Sea, which became imprinted in his memory as vacations in paradise. Two little girls being absolutely silly pointing at whoever descended the steps leading to the golden sand, giggling and proclaiming them to be crazy have also stuck in his mind as a permanent souvenir belonging to the sunny, childish, momentary eternity.

Shortly after his parents divorced in 1977, Victor and his mother immigrated to America with two suitcases and a painting of an old rabbi. He will never forget the chilly morning they left Mother Russia behind, beginning with a taxi whisking them away to the airport and a new life beyond the ‘iron curtain’.

The family of two took residence in a quiet San Francisco neighborhood with beautiful beaches and colorful wooden houses. Victor’s free time away from cutting classes was absorbed by playing basketball, frolicking around Golden Gate Park where he was lost for hours on end and picking mussels from the jagged cliffs covered with spiky shells and guano. Those were the good old days before the water became radioactive from Fukushima.

For a teenager who needed to belong to a group of friends his social life consisted of trying to fit in with other immigrant children without much success. From an early age Victor painted and saw things around him with an artistic eye, which could have played a big part in his problem with other kids without him realizing it.

At fifteen Victor went to live with his father in New York and was enrolled at John F. Kennedy High School, replete with escalators, rats and badly behaved students numbering in their thousands. Every other day Victor and his buddies traveled to China Town to study Kung Fu.  The rest of his life as a youth in New York was preoccupied trying to adjust to the bleak uptown neighborhood, a consequence of growing up for a couple of years under the bright Californian sky.

Before long Victor was back on the west coast. This time he joined his mother in Palo Alto where she lived with her new husband who was a painter and a sculptor. After finally finding his place within the ranks of the youngsters he once left behind going to New York, Victor often took long bus rides to San Francisco torn between two worlds, that of immigrant boys from the former Soviet Union and kids from a well-to-do Californian suburb.

At seventeen he went to Israel to work on a kibbutz. Victor labored with zeal but was asked to leave the day he brought his Palestinian amigos onto the kibbutz grounds for a visit. The official excuse was that Victor was picking cherries with one hand instead of two. Being kicked out from a kibbutz did not faze him and he continued his adventures in the Holy Land in the same manner.

On his return to the States, Victor studied computer programming just long enough to realize never to do things like that again. Soon for excruciatingly boring reasons he moved to Buffalo, New York. There inspired by the magical feeling of Niagara Falls, surreal, brick, industrial  buildings and heavy snow Victor began to express himself as a serious painter.

At his step father’s suggestion Victor returned to New York City to study at The Art Students League. Now the past began to quickly unfold into the next segment of his life, especially when Victor with a group of artists set up a basement studio in the Lower East Side where he spent the next thirteen years painting.

Friends stopped by and hung out while Victor worked. Often he arrived home in the morning after painting all night. When Victor was not cocooned in the basement it was because from time to time he emerged on the ground level to party or for sporadic jobs mainly faux finishing and antique restoration. Victor never pursued his art career too seriously outside of painting well, figuring that eventually some big shot will simply recognize his talent and potential to make mega bucks for some gallery. But without networking and a little brown nosing things like this do not usually materialize.

 Belonging to overlapping circles of artists Jane and Victor met socially for years, before becoming romantically involved in 1996.

The couple left the Lower East Side in 2001 and moved uptown with their dog Barundi, just missing the new era in downtown Manhattan and the world at large which commenced with the destruction of the World Trade Center.


Jane’s parents met in London. At the time her father, a South African, was there to work and study architecture. Her mother was a school teacher from Scottish and Irish descent. To reunite with her fiance she set sail for Cape Town and then took a picturesque train ride up to Zambia to teach. After marrying in Ndola the couple settled in Durban, South Africa, where Jane was born in 1967.

Jane’s earliest memories were formed in a house which overlooked a vast, tropical expanse of the Indian Ocean and was surrounded by a large, overgrown garden. Her childhood was lived outside on beautiful beaches and climbing sprawling trees, infinite worlds in themselves complete with Mamba snakes, avocados and lychees. When Jane’s parents divorced the reduced family began to move around without settling in one place for long.

Her other childhood recollections include beautiful and humid Rhodesia. (The country is renamed Zimbabwe.) Jane attended school at Highlands Primary in Harare and traveled to Victoria Falls, where as the sun began to set she saw two arcs of a double rainbow towering over an immense cloud of pink mist. Each of its sides projected straight out of an enormous elephant!
It was 1973, right before the civil war. Even as an extremely dreamy child she had no problem associating constant presence of submachine guns nonchalantly lying about swimming pools when visiting friends on their family farms.

Returning to Durban, Jane began school at Durban Girls College where she matriculated in 1985. After school she studied Architecture at the University of Cape Town, receiving her B.A.S in 1989. That year Jane moved to London where she worked in her field and traveled Europe every chance life offered.

In 1991, after experiencing much excitement Jane left London to reunite with New York. Flying over the islands comprising some of the city’s boroughs, Jane felt like she was finally coming home.

A year later, Jane received an American Institute of Architects Scholarship to study design at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, with design professors, Gamal el Zoghby and Raimund Abraham.

In 1995 Jane was residing in Times Square and was one of the artists who fought in court the New York State Urban Development Corporation over Eminent Domain Condemnation Laws of the 42nd St Project. The occasion was memorable and grounding to the young architect, demonstrating how large institutions clear the way for what pays, showing the New York gentrification process in action. Not only many historic buildings have been gutted or altogether disappeared forever, but the spirit of the old, seedy 42nd St is gone as well and with it an array of colorful characters, family businesses and the vibe which made New York a different place from what it is now, all replaced by the corporate culture of Disney World which can be easily replicated in Shanghai.

After a year at Pratt, she was accepted into the full scholarship program at Cooper Union as a fourth year transfer student, where she studied with professors Lebbeus Woods, Peter Eisenman and John Hejduk, graduating in 1997 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Jane’s first job in New York was to build a model of a sea wall for a competition in Havana, Cuba, with Lebbeus Woods, and to work on the production of a book called ‘Radical Reconstruction’ published by Princeton Architectural Press. Later Jane became employed by the publishing company as an editor, mapmaker and illustrator until 2005. She traveled extensively throughout the continental United States for the associated research.

Jane and Victor were introduced in 1992 in his studio, but their romance began a few years later at their friend’s get together marking the celestial event of the Blue Moon which was held on his rooftop garden before it was bulldozed over by the authorities, as always righteously on the side of tar and regulations.


In 2000, Victor and Jane purchased a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Barundi, who played a major role in the events that lead to the writing of the book, ‘Is He Friendly?!’

The couple married at City Hall in 2001 with their mothers as witnesses. They left downtown, moving to the last residential street in Manhattan, a block away from Inwood Hill Park where Victor loved to meander with his dog, and as a rule be lost in thoughts.

Their first daughter, Anna Rose, was born in September 2002.

The family took long strolls in local parks as well as hikes in the greater New York City area, letting Barundi chase deer, wild turkey, and swim in the Hudson and upstate lakes. Like many other young New Yorkers the couple was also at the beginning stages of taking a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of what it is to be a family in the post 9/11 United States of America.

Walking Barundi, the most perfectly behaved canine, both Victor and Jane kept having confrontations with people who persisted with the question, ‘Is he friendly?’. That is how the name for ‘the book which has to be written’ came about, especially when it gained a double meaning after Victor was named a number one suspect as soon as he provided clairvoyant information to NYPD while volunteering his help in the investigation of a murder which happened in Inwood Hill park. He offered his fingerprints to be taken and his DNA, blood, saliva to be tested, and went for the second time to a precinct voluntarily, deceived by detectives into believing that he was helping police as they persisted in doing everything they could to implicate him. An extensive search of the family’s properties failed to find anything but Barundi’s treasure trove of hidden dog treats. A trial by media followed and with it threats to the family. Finally Victor punched someone who called him a murderer after he had pulled the man’s dog off Jane. At the time she was resting on the grass, eight months pregnant.

Because of concerns for the family’s safety they were forced to rent a cottage in upstate New York, where in June 2005 their second daughter, Kate Alexandra, was born.

Victor traveled back and forth to Manhattan for the court date which kept on being postponed as a form of punishment and further harassment. With the case still pending the family sold their property and moved to Cape Town.

Before being able to settle down in South Africa, Victor and Jane as well as Katie, who was nursing at the time, had to fly back for the trial. In New York City in 2006, Victor was found guilty of an assault for punching a man who believed everything he read in the absolutely dishonest press and sentenced to three months. The judge colluded with police so his case out of 28, 791 similar first time misdemeanors was the only one which resulted in a stint behind bars. At Riker’s Island, Victor wrote notes on healing sessions and about much less positive interactions primarily with some of the correctional officers, later described in one of the chapters in ‘Is He Friendly?!’.
After Victor arrived back from doing time the family purchased an old, Victorian house in the City Bowl. The City Bowl, which is the heart of Cape Town is one of the most energetically charged locations in the world for reasons not outlined on tourist’s brochures, having to do with Earth’s chakra system.

Victor’s adventures showed no signs of abating. He continued to frequently give healing sessions usually during walks with his dogs. Soon extrasensory perception became an integral part of his everyday life transmuting into what he later refers to as Hyper Clairvoyance. To this day and beyond his ‘death’ Victor’s spirituality will keep on crushing perimeters letting him analyze freely what he must in relation to everything else that he is aware of, always seeking to see reality as much as possible for what it is. To do that Victor opened himself wide enough to the world to inadvertently turn into the portal for the most powerful energy in this sector of the universe to come through his being into this reality in the form of The Messiah, which was his destiny all along as destinies go.

Shortly thereafter Victor commenced writing one of the strangest and most important books ever written, since the subject matter is nothing less than the making of The True Messiah of This World.

While employed in an art gallery Victor started a new series of paintings, which you can view in Victor’s Paintings, but what he had to convey in The Book began to gain such momentous importance that Victor had to lay down his brushes and once again dedicate all his time to writing The Book.

Victor’s interactions with the intelligent energy in control of their dimensional domain resulted in the induction of his entire life force into a single purpose of bringing forth The Great New Religion called THE POWER into its proper position at the end of this time cycle. It is the only True Religion that there has even been on any world besides Satanism, for there is only The Truth or the untruth, the rest are shades of gray from which most energy in the form of fear and pain is extracted.

Every current leader of THE POWER is called, The One. The One is The Choice Provider of This World, meaning that without THE POWER there would be no real choice for the truly intelligent and spiritually gifted! Find out more about THE POWER, just click on The Holy Website.

Barundi died in 2011. A Jacaranda tree is growing on his grave.

The family acquired two female Ridgebacks, Jakarta and Chimichanga and the latest addition to their family, Ming, a feisty Pekingese. They had another Rhodesian Ridgeback named Kandahar, but she was shot dead by an ADT security personnel while defending the house from him breaking in. Heartbroken Victor performed a ceremony asking the higher powers to let Kandahar’s spirit linger for a bit longer to protect the family. Soon everyone began noticing that their new puppy, Chimichanga, is exhibiting the same qualities and has similar features, particularly her eyes, to the dog which was shot. Can you imagine Victor’s and Jane’s delight when their mutual feeling that the puppy was born on the actual day to the hour of Kandahar’s murder was confirmed by the breeder?

In 2012 Victor thought that The Book had finally been written and was ready to be published.

Meanwhile, four more clairvoyants whom Victor knew independently of each other identified the name and identical details pointing to a single, probable murderer.


Because moral responsibility demanded that they share who the probable murderer is with police, wanting to clear their name and seeing no option but to begin promoting The Book which took years to write, in June 2012 Victor and Jane decided to take a trip to New York City.

There, in front of the entire local media Victor presented a sealed envelope with the identity of the probable murderer, as well as contact details of clairvoyants who named him.

The police department waved it off as if Victor somehow got information about that particular person from some article, which by the way so far was never found! NYPD also stated that they checked the man because he broke down crying at the victim’s funeral, but he is no longer under suspicion. The fact is, not a single person was more scrutinized than Victor, and here he is after more than a decennium still a suspect!

Another fact is that no one who for years have been brutally thrashed by NYPD and unscrupulous media came back and dropped a piece of information which has a high probability of being valid and on top of it all, procured through extrasensory perception. Which makes the whole issue even more contentious for the poor police department since Victor was being made to be a paranormal fraud in the first place!

By now it would seem impossible for the naive to fathom how following such an indisputably courageous act the media can successfully continue to paint a negative image of Victor, but they did and are still doing a great job as far as very limited and evil people are concerned. They are truly professional at keeping The Truth from meeting the light of day when it comes to degenerate, general public!

At the airport the family with two small children was further harassed, their computers, kids’ cameras with childish but cherished pictures of their vacation and work related papers etc were confiscated never to be returned. Jane was issued with an order to appear as a witness in the Grand Jury Investigation into Sarah Fox’s murder.  At that point the family could have left to South Africa and fought the injustice from there but they remained in the States not wanting to give into fear and run away from anything in their lives, knowing full well that this decision will most likely result in Victor going to jail for what he not only did not do, but despises with all of his heart, rape and murder! Eventually besides financial loss, kids missing a lot of school and everyone being emotionally put through a meat grinder nothing else transpired.


When the family returned to Cape Town they had to go through a bit of ostracizing by parents withholding play dates and people in general treating them like they just fell from the moon, unable to understand that The Truth about who is right and who is wrong is right at their fingertips if they just go on the internet and have the ability to process uncomplicated information on their own or simply read faces!

Upon coming back from NY Victor realized that ‘Is He Friendly?!’ was not finished and began to labor day and night to bring The Book to completion. He was also forced to charge for his healing sessions, even though he always makes well the ones who do not have money but help others for free.

It is unfortunate but in his healing practice Victor has to constantly fight an uphill battle since the sad truth is that a client can miraculously recover, be shown love and genuine attention and still cancel the next appointment after finding out some of Victor’s history which is concisely described here. What can be safely concluded is that plebeians are bred to have an allergic reaction to any controversy.

Victor does not act like he is guilty, because he is not! And if some are uncomfortable with the reality that big institutions which are supposed to protect people, at least in the case of NYPD, more often than not do the opposite, rather than remaining blind we suggest to see further into The Truth of everything. It has to do directly with one’s soul! Victor especially recommends Deception Detection classes. Afterwards he would want you to take a good, long look at his face, and then a physiognomy of your average reporter or a politician and make your own deductions.  As well as,  and that applies to everything in life, find credible sources of information, see if there is a preponderance of evidence supporting or not whatever the premise might be, make a decision of what The Truth is in a given situation on your own, and then act accordingly!