What’s in a name?

Striving for objectivity Dima (short for Dimitry) wrote the book about what happened to him in the third person using a pseudonym, Victor.

As he wrote he tried not to fall too far behind the adventures which kept unfolding. By the end of the book he had finally caught up with who he has become. The result was that the narrator’s voice was abandoned and the last chapter was written in the first person.

People instinctively hold onto who they are being afraid of death, their linear thinking does not allow for incarnation in this life-time or the next.

If one comprehends that our thoughts in themselves hold more energy than physical matter, then the logical deduction which follows points to the fact that real death occurs when one adjusts one’s understanding of the world in accordance with new information. In other words: in this reality death occurs only when one changes one’s mind and Dima had to practically reevaluate everything, in the process  transmuting into a new being!

He renamed himself Victor to symbolically acknowledge the transformation.