Family Declaration


While the world is being chemtrailed and radiated from Fukushima, while the Scalar Longitudinal weapons are frying everyone’s brain, while folk are led to believe that dressing up like whores from a creepy nightmare is a thing to do most regular people judge our family thinking how strange we are, as if they cannot see who are Courageous and who are not, who are Honest and who are not, and who are good and genuine and who are simply ugly!

Yes, we went back to New York with credible information pertaining to a possible murderer because we are Honest. See what we do, and then judge us. And others like NYPD are dishonest, corrupt and horrific. Go to valid sources of information and see for yourself!



Everybody loves their precious, wonderful families. Well, we are not convinced. We know that most families consist of lies, attachment to familiarity and physical, interchangeable parts. They can dress up their children in perverted, sexualized outfits and give them ample TV to propagate Satanism all they want but they are not credible to anyone who rules them or even to themselves that they really love their children. Logic demands that if people genuinely cared for their children there would be no wars, at least not amongst members of the same human race! Willful ignorance is being practiced en masse which is the behavior divested of self preservation. No one wants to see The Truth! What can be said about their children’s futures?

Whether we will be completely ostracized by the dishonest community around us or not, whatever dangers we face, we will stand by The Truth, which is by no means relative, and continue to act accordingly!