Family Announcements Pertaining to Now


Quality always takes time. The book, ‘Is He Friendly?!’ on which Victor has worked for more than 7 years is finished at last. What else can be expected when a visual artist has to write The Book which had to be written? He painted it!

It is available on Amazon or in print, and can be purchased for R300 (plus shipping) from



Visit THE POWER site which has been revised since Victor who is the current leader of The Great New Religion, THE POWER, and in that capacity is referred to as The One, had to finally accept The Set Up which is the permanence of this cruel set of circumstances people call, ‘this world’. Ironically he had to comply after he was made to become the most compassionate of beings! For years The One was ordered to put himself inside the truly unfortunate like starving children by fusing into oneness with anyone he viewed remotely, to die with them the death of pain and hunger a thousand times over, get shot together with soldiers when it is too late to duck one’s head, suffer the agony of being executed for a crime one did not commit etc. And then he was made to embrace this level of what is as a worthwhile creation even though evil is an integral part of everything in this reality!

In the dimension of duality and contradictions, akin to magnets on a high speed train, sharp contrasts are the most elegant and effective way to move immense quantities of matter around, for instance billions of people into their predestined positions. Because of maddening efficiency of THE CREATOR in these lower realms of The Creation the script gets to be repeated over and over again and again, and it always has to do with humanoids living on or inside objects in space, having to be very careful not to engage in too much Honesty and Courage. These whitewater emotional energies if not contained can simply vibrate souls of an entire star system right out of their biological flesh and into the next evolutionary phase which is the domain of intelligent energy.

By accepting The Set Up even if it is unacceptable frees one from blinding anger to see with more clarity that this reality is unreal and one’s role in it even if it is only a projected illusion, which because of the paradoxical quality of the substance called life is real enough to put up a real fight! Since thoughts are objects The One has important things to share even with staunch materialists.

Our family is being defensive by being proactive. We know that the untruthful will always try to barricade The Truth with deception and that The Honest have to keep on uncovering it. Some blameless procreators will think, ‘But how can they subject their families to such danger?’ Well, remember, a whole bunch of ‘responsible’ parents lend their offspring to all kinds of social reengineering projects, from allowing them to be soldiers often with their blessings to participating willingly and blindly in every other wonderful thing people do, which are as a rule accompanied by behaving in an undignified manner while letting the beauty of this world be destroyed as we know it.

Our family is responding morally in every way to our personal situation and to the world at large. And if it is a bit strange for most that Victor is claiming to be The Messiah then let us hear another audible, Truly Honest voice out there delivering The Message of The Universal Moral Principles Of Morality with more fervor, clarity and Purer Intent, and then we ourselves will follow the spiritual guidance of that being, for the moral obligation is to lead and follow where one must!

Of course when the Honest and Courageous are ‘destroyed’ for being righteous, cowards will always think that they were right for not standing up for what is right! When their turn will come to be crushed by a large institution they will still refuse to realize that they were the culprits of their fate, only their soul energy will not rise but will be reused to perpetuate the nightmare.

To all other families of every world, be they human or not, who think they can sit out their spiritual life on a fence foolishly imagining themselves to be safer than the ones who are engaging the dark forces; we want to remind everyone that you can protect your families by not standing up for The Truth all you want, but they will come and get you anyway!