As to the crystal ball-gazing at what will transpire in the future on a global scale and things of that nature Victor usually prefers to leave it in the hands of modern-day, institutional fortune tellers who are equipped with looking glass technology to glimpse the probabilities of what will transpire using wormholes as peering portals. Unless a client has a very good reason to insist on a session which requires the act of prophesy like being a head of a state, Victor refers them to the long bearded seers. Still, no matter who asks for his assistance there are many binding responsibilities that Victor has to abide by before providing specific services to certain people.

Vaticination is quite dangerous even from a non-initiated perspective. One just has to use a little logic and see that in most cases the intensity of this practice might not be a positive since any vaticinator can only be the prophet of doom. To foretell the future is to invariably reveal the end of how things are, predicating the next phase to be a harsher reality for any existing order, meaning any presently functioning system like for instance one’s plumbing. Another constant is that The Truth is not The Truth if it hurts unnecessarily! Nevertheless, if there is a good reason to look into a sequence of events in a client’s long term future and not just how a particular situation will unfold, Victor will do what needs to be done.