The Way of the Messiah

One of Victor’s methods of eliminating clients’ emotional pain is an anathema to any healer who practices basic safety at work. When circumstances call for, disregarding all rules Victor literally draws in other’s emotional pain! This seemingly reckless way of healing is not a skill that can be developed. Anyone who has any idea about energies does not ingest negativity which then has nowhere to go but to destroy its new host from inside out. Every therapist must reroute the undesirable elements away from a client including themselves. Most release other’s negative particles into the ether itself, which is like an infinite rubbish bin all around us. Others, for example, put it into inanimate objects. Some of the precautionary measures by seasoned practitioners include washing their hands with cold water after each session.

So what happens to the emotional pain of clients’ inside of Victor? Believe it or not, it converts to positive energy and the excess simply vanishes! Keep in mind that Victor is the very opposite of an evil entity which feeds on fear and its derivative vibrations. So, why the strong occurrence? The fact of the matter is, whether a client accepts their healer to be The Messiah or not, let’s not disregard or underestimate the power of honestly accepting one’s destiny as The Messiah Of This World!  Correct or not, Victor who is highly logical, has many very good reasons for his claim. In any case with clients as a rule Victor never raises the subject and operates strictly within his capacity as a healer, unless specifically asked otherwise by a client.

The One, for that is how any current leader of The Great New Religion, THE POWER, is called, truly understands that whether we like it or not we are All One. Thus every person’s pain as much as each man’s victory has been permanently his. In actuality since The One operates at a much higher pitch of life than is necessary to just heal, the pain that he takes away is his for the taking!                                                                                                                               

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