Techniques from the Humanoid Matrix

When a client is on Victor’s massage table they experience a whole range of methods resembling disciplines which usually a typical practitioner spends years perfecting and then sticks to and is stuck with, Victor gets them from the Human Matrix. Some of Victor’s techniques are from The General Humanoid Matrix of which The Human Matrix is an integral part of. (The Humanoid Matrix is like The Human Matrix, a complicated web of energy fields, only it supports all humanoid activity combined regardless from which universe. The Human Matrix is of course within it.) Victor invariably uses those systems of positive intervention when he does direct energy work, meaning without physical contact. For example, Victor might activate specific Morphogenic fields around a client which will increase a person’s energy levels throughout the day using an ancient practice from the constellation of, Zap ’em With Rejuvenation. These systems of healing are in a sense a non-human technology. More precisely, most ways to cure a human are generic since being a humanoid is a universal, collective condition on this humble level of expediently shared consciousness. Believe it or not, the cosmos is filled with us! The data on all humanoid attributes including their innate ability to make each other well at least in Victor’s case comes in the form of informational blocks simply bouncing around for the taking in The Humanoid Matrix.