Sessions in Person

Sessions vary greatly because health issues and other general problems and ways of dealing with them are innumerable. Being able to heal means one can affect every unhealthy condition be it physical, emotional or psychological to a lesser or greater degree. How a particular session proceeds depends on to which extent a client will allow Victor to deal with their difficulties as parts making up the greater whole, which is the unfathomable and mysterious entirety of another being. In other words, how much leeway in widening his approach Victor will receive from a client when tackling a particular concern. It is all up to the client.

The most dramatic example to illustrate this point is to describe an incident which transpired with a woman who came for a massage. She immediately asked whether or not Victor approves of a piece of jewellery which decorated her wrist. Victor advised her to take the ornament off and never put it on again. The woman laughed for some reason finding his answer humorous, disregarding the advice. As she lay down on a massage table the exquisitely made hexagram ripped into her flesh. Drips of blood began to trace their way down her forearm as if to underline that Victor was right. The next time she came for a session she was still wearing the same jewellery piece! The jewellery sparked an apparently unrelated realization in Victor that the man she was with who happened to be Jewish is not a good match for her and in fact is dangerous because of particular negative traits which Victor then proceeded to describe to his client. Much later Victor was told that the woman suffered great consequences of not following his second advice, which was to leave the man she was with at once.