Phone sessions without a client’s conscious participation

Because of the intertwining of ‘modern’ technology into the energetic texture of what humanity is any image on a cell phone, especially not just photographed by the device but sent to it via satellite, is interwoven with this reality in such a way that a person can even be sleeping while Victor is effectively working on them from a picture taken hours before. Often Victor finds it easier when a client’s consciousness is disengaged.
Of course clients are made fully aware that Victor will be working on their ailments from photos that he asks them to send, or which Victor has taken himself. These types of sessions involve two phases.

Phase A

  • Victor has to first sense that the moment is right to work on a specific client who is aware that remote healing will be done on them within a specified time period. If Victor’s environment is private enough to engage in the process he will begin by going over all the details of a client’s illness and finding the latest image on his cell phone of a part of their body which needs healing. If the circumstances require Victor will use a picture of an entire body. The gadget is then placed on a flat surface.
  • A photographed body part or a whole person appears in dimension literally remaining suspended above the slick rectangle, somehow holographically projected to be worked on. Victor continues in his usual way, as if a part or the entire human being he is engaged with is right in front of him. He will use one or a number of techniques to reach his objective of changing the molecular structure and the energy flow within and around organs to restore them to healthy functionality.
  • Besides using all of his psychic abilities while in a deep trance Victor is also being directed by higher powers. When Victor knows a session is finished (at times it can be very important for example, when eliminating a growth if Victor destroys its cells using too much energy, the energy left after the session might feed the remaining cells into rejuvenation before the follow up session in which otherwise he would have had no problem in completely de-materializing the rest of the abnormal formation) he will make hand movements over an affected area involving Sacred Geometry to fully activate an energetic configuration that had been established, in a sense  invigorating the new connections between visible matter and invisible geometrical shapes housing all there is in their angular embrace.

Unless we dedicate a thick tome to the topic a serious attempt at explaining what Victor is really doing when he employs Sacred Geometry will be convoluted and sound even more burlesque without shedding any additional light on the true nature of the overall phenomenon which is the ability to heal remotely.

What does deserve a quick mention is that apparently for an infinity of extremely complicated reasons GOD seems to love triangles. When Victor performs specific, geometrical movements over a section of a body being worked on, he interlocks into the interconnected web of triangulated, informational fields making up the universe to heal on a much higher level then could have been otherwise possible. Apparently the principal shape containing information in this section of what is happens to be a hyperbolic pyramid!

Phase B                                                                                                                    

  • Always immediately after a remote session without a client’s direct participation Victor sends an SMS consisting of a few lines notifying a client that the healing was indeed done, and depending on a particular situation the message might contain a couple of details on how the session went, what a client should or should not eat and anything else that might come up during the time spent working on a client that because of Victor’s past experiences he knows should be mentioned.
  • After some time, preferably within 24 hours, Victor does have to hear a confirmation that the healing was effective. Meaning there has to be tangible results like, a client’s allergies have stopped for the night so they could get a restful sleep before an important meeting, an unappealing and dangerous growth has shrunk or disappeared altogether, a nervous disorder ceased reoccurring etc.

There are of course cases where success is harder to achieve. Not that we ever want to evade responsibility for our own foundered efforts but more often than not setbacks have to do with clients themselves because of the same, old problems conventional practitioners of medicine face, mostly having to do with some clients’ inability to follow instructions. In those situations if people are still able to change their attitude and are willing to continue with treatment Victor roles up his sleeves and reassesses everything he did, re-tweaking procedures he followed previously or altogether altering the course of action during next sessions. For instance, using other kinds of energy. Victor only charges for success.

Healing is based on rearrangement of energies, their oscillation and other astronomically involuted vibrational flows which connect micro to macro making everything the same size in dimensional importance and which themselves are parts of immeasurably larger patterns of energy circulation. Once again we can continue reshuffling words to explain the unexplainable without achieving our goal of further clarifying what a healing session is, simply because there is no language for it. Believing and other unreasonable approaches to life are also out of the question when it comes to real quality of thought or people’s health. In the end one has to experience both for themselves!