While a client is engaged on the phone


The technique might vary but the basics remain the same. The majority of people are right handed, so the phone is held in the left hand. The client is asked to position their right hand in front of their face, about 3cm away from the tip of their nose, palm turned in.
Here we have to mention that Victor is acquainted with clients’ hands either from photographs sent via SMS, an actual meeting with a client in person, or simply by picking up their ‘feel’ immediately and at any distance, which never turns out to be significant enough to hamper healing sessions. If clients have met Victor directly they already know how it feels to have one’s aura penetrated by his Pure Intent to heal in the form of highly structured waves of energies formulated to target specific ailments.
Whether or not clients met Victor face to face in most cases everyone will begin to at first experience tingling, prickling or other such sensations to then become aware of another life force entering their hand. There are many novel aspects to the modus operandi of a remote session and of course each individual perceives the world around them in a slightly different way be it a stage in a healing procedure or a manner in which drowsiness from anaesthesia descends while being wheeled to an operating room.



If a client is left handed, therefore usually holding a phone in their right hand, then one of the participants adjusts, meaning Victor takes his cell phone into his right hand or a client takes their cell into their left. Especially in the beginning it is very helpful if Victor performs the same actions he asks a client to do on the other ‘end of the line’ simply because the mimicking synchronises each other’s energy towards an actual event called, healing. In a way the technique is just a little helper which after the familiarity with the process is achieved can be exchanged for more of a direct approach.
As soon as a client is comfortable with the feel of the energetic connection between them and the practitioner the fun can begin, even though many people have to still go through a giggle-attack before they can proceed. It is a ‘natural’, reoccurring reaction related to overstepping boundaries between what most believe reality to be and the supernatural quality of everything that is. These borders often seem self-imposed but in fact are always the clever work of the negative aspects of higher intelligence.



The next step can involve a number of divergent approaches depending on which condition is being treated. For example, if a client has a growth on their chin, after an initial, energetic contact is established the client will be asked to reposition their hand so that it hovers above the affected area. Then Victor will likely request the client to hold their hand in that position while he will commence work on the body part underneath at the same time describing to the client what they are actually experiencing, which again is another range of sensations. The skin on the chin might become hot and the underlying tissue probably at this point will begin to pulsate while hosting another force as it is manipulating molecular structure in and around the raised formation on the epidermis.

During almost the entire duration of each session Victor remains in a deep trance while telling a client constantly what the other physically and at times emotionally is experiencing, including a running commentary on what he is doing and many other fascinating things that a client should know or can have fun being aware of. Of course the extent of it depends entirely on how much leeway a client will allow for Victor to practise the holistic approach, which is not just considering every problem dealt with in isolation but as an integral part of a person as a whole.

In the course of working on someone’s knee, after establishing the initial sanative, energetic connection like in the previous example, Victor will ask a client to reposition their hand above an area that has to be healed without touching it, which depending on a case can be any part of their knee and will proceed in a similar fashion as outlined above.

When Victor cures nervous disorders most of the therapy involves direct effort on a client’s head. A representative case can be any chronic sleep disorder. For example, to treat insomnia Victor will ask a client to point their index finger at their third eye chakra in order to facilitate his quick, energetic arrival through their cranium and brain matter to the exact location where the passage from the third eye leads right up to the pineal gland, which besides extrasensory perception has a lot to do with sleep as well.



Victor can work over a landline telephone or remotely from only a photograph, or nothing but his Pure Intent, (We always accentuate what is important to us. Everyone Who Belongs to THE POWER has to write words of intense spiritual significance which are not representing evil, like Truth and Honesty, important addresses like The Creation and The Human Matrix, and terms which symbolize the dignity of The Great New Religion like The Universal Principles of Morality and The One beginning with capital letters. Holy terms such as THE CREATOR and THE POWER have to be printed in uppercase and in bold type.) know-how and bare minimum information about what ails a person depending on the availability of ‘props’, but for now Victor’s preferred tool is to use cell phones. Owing to the fact that cell phones and computers for all intents and purposes are hooked into and are inter-penetrating The Human Matrix, (which is an energy support field for the entire spectrum of human activity, containing everything within it having to do with humanity) Victor found it at least for now the most efficient method to engage with clients and produce incredible results with the least inconvenience for everyone

Throughout a session Victor utilizes every system provided, from reverse-engineered, alien technology like cell phones and computers to informational fields which wrap around every species including humanity, in order to activate energy of an exact frequency in a client which for example, kills flu bacteria. When Victor involves clients’ hands to aim energy at various points on or in their bodies, they simply become extensions of the delivery mechanism which also employs vast informational fields within The Human Matrix as the medium through which to transfer Victor’s healing energy in the form of his Pure Intent with the greatest precision and efficiency to the target area.
In cases involving flu a client is usually asked to let their hand hover over an entire chest area, and in all likelihood throat as well etc.