Other Clairvoyant Services Victor Provides Besides Healing

  • Victor can tell if a piece of technology is damaged and where. The more information he receives pertaining to a question the better analysis he can produce. Within any organic as well as each non-organic system, whether they are pets like dogs, giant computers or weed-wackers, Victor can point at where the trouble spots are or what ails a creature with good accuracy and reveal other often surprising details.
    The reason for this ability is because even manmade machines including non mechanical objects have simple souls, which in essence want to be functional, well lubricated or at least not be broken! If there is an improper blockage, whether in an organic or a mechanical system the material around the problem area literally throbs with energy pulsations which can be easily picked up.
  • This clairvoyant package of abilities comes under an all-inclusive name of, divination. That is why Victor can render such a wide range of services, from ‘sensing out’ clients’ entire business spreads (it could range from just their portfolios to physical holdings) to their social positions and plans for future actions regarding very private matters. His services can even include stopping a child from continuously being bitten by spiders!
    Victor quickly familiarises himself with the feel, the chi, of a situation, to then effectively and concisely explain to a client the reason why he thinks they should do ‘A’ instead of ‘X’ etc. In a case of a child being bit or stung by insects Victor will simply put up an energetic barrier against arthropods, or he might have to parry a psychic attack aimed at a family to which the kid belongs. Life often takes surprising turns. Whatever the case might be the result of the child not being constantly bitten by arachnids will be achieved.