The Holistic Approach

Victor’s main maxim is to always be Honest within any given set of circumstances, which when he is healing amounts to zeroing in on a client’s most pressing difficulty and then proceeding from there. Here we have to once again reiterate that the client is the one who must ultimately choose to which extent a session is an open medium to resolve any conundrum which comes along. It invariably depends on their ability and willingness to open up to the multi-dimensionality of every condition be it an ailment or anything else to resolve it in the most holistic way possible. Some people do have ‘time constraints’, in that case Victor will exclusively zero in on a problem a client wants him to focus on. Even though each time Victor will take into account everything he is able to pertaining to the situation at hand he will limit his action if must, but only as much as is logical so as to still do what is right for the client. Everything has to be within reason and the binds of morality which keep the ones who are on the side of their soul safe from bad intent. Whenever Victor finds something of which a client needs to be notified, without fail he will let them be informed of it, at times knowing that because of this aspect of his moral code of conduct this person will not remain in his practice.