These are the reasons why Victor (Dimitry) Sheinman came back after six years.


To propagate THE POWER and to provide NYPD with more clairvoyant information that can eventually lead to resolving the cold case.

The fact is that everyone uses clairvoyance consciously, or unconsciously.

The police use clairvoyants. Why then is there no standardized approach to dealing with citizens in possession of information that has been acquired using extra sensory perception?


To understand why this society does not fully accept one of our basic human abilities is to honestly deal with who we truly are.

If the general culture accepts that humanity is clairvoyant, without just commercializing this ability or using it for covert activities, would we see what we are afraid of seeing? 

Is this the fear behind Victor’s vilification by the media?

What were we supposed to do, sit on the information that he and other clairvoyants, independently of each other, saw about the murderer of Sarah Fox and not share it?

What other moral choice did we have?

The letter that was given to the police was intended to be confidential but was leaked the same day after Victor explicitly told the media that he was not accusing the person in the letter as having committed the crime, but was passing on the information that he thought should be taken seriously.  

The media did not report that fact.

They did however report that the person in the letter was checked out eight years ago, as if this dismisses the information provided.

In actuality no one was ‘checked’ out to the same extent as Victor, who volunteered his help and DNA etc.

The NYPD say that they don’t have enough evidence to charge him but he is still a suspect.

The truth is that there is no evidence because he is innocent.


Witness how they are crucifying Victor for the second time for what humanity is.

The disconnection between the quality of the writing and how the media are trying to portray him is too wide for both to be valid.

The truth has a way of coming out.


Another reason Victor had to come back is to promote the book “Is He Friendly?!”

It weaves together adventures that take the reader on a spiritual journey, beginning with a walk in the park and ending with the protagonist becoming the leader of the new religion, which is the only proper spiritual response to the present circumstances.

The book describes how, in order to cope with the events, Victor had to open up to the world as wide as possible to see whatever there is to see, resulting in a phenomenal force squeezing through him: THE POWER.


Whatever has been well propagandized might seem reasonable, but at a second look is usually wrong.

What we are saying might at first sound outrageous, but give it a second thought and it will make sense.


We, the ones who belong to THE POWER, have stated what we stand for, what do you stand for?










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