What is Healing?

As with anything healing can be understood in many ways. One of them is to view it as an extreme positive action. As a matter of fact murderers, the ones who perform the extreme negative action, can never heal. That is why so far the mainstream media avoids mentioning the fact that Victor is a healer.

The facility to heal others, unless one is deeply involved with evil forces, depends on one’s capacity to generate Pure Intent, which cannot be produced in the field of healing and be ignored in other areas. That is why the ones who are the true healers have the holistic approach to everything including their own lives, which is the main reason why they are called Holy. Most clairvoyants be they healers or not cannot withstand turning their talents against their own personas therefore limiting themselves including their healing abilities.

Healing can be perceived as an imposition of orderly energy waves on the chaotic vibration of diseased or damaged tissue. Or one can get a grasp of the phenomenon as a faculty to overlay one holographic energy grid over another and to do it right on top of people’s everyday reality!
The ones who are intently watching the movie called life and therefore are forced to get up from their comfy theatre chairs and walk behind to the projection room to at least try the locked door can do a lot in the way of affecting what is on a screen. They might never come back to their seats but since the movie is interactive these real adventurers take it right outside the theatre. Now they can perceive and affect reality in surprising ways. Some of them like Victor literally see through pretences, cloth, soft and hard tissue, and all of it to the desired depth. He can sense if the flesh is shimmering with cancer or not, whether there is presence of dangerous bacteria, or to which extent joints are arthritic etc.
Still, healing remains healing no matter who the practitioner is. The case might be that the one in charge of the situation has to only point a finger at his target to be healed, or a healer has to sweat it working with various morphogenic fields surrounding another being, rearranging energy flows into healthy arrangements, removing negative energy patterns with exact same patterns only positively charged so both cancel each other out, healing is always an affirmation that reality is spiritual, not the perpetrated, make believe solidity so cleverly constructed that most do not recognize it as just another containment for one’s soul.